“Beautiful, Utilitarian”

Acqua Kitchens specialises in kitchen worksurfaces that are not only elegant, but also serviceable. We understand how a worktop demands a significant space of your cooking area and how it’s important to have its design optimised.

The surface also needs to be sturdy so it can sustain everyday wear and tear. At Acqua Kitchen, our goal is to meet these very needs and offer worktops that happily marry your kitchen design.

Choose from a range of styles, finishes, and materials to ensure your worktop complements your kitchen to the highest degree. From traditional granite to classic quartz to manmade Corian surfaces – we have it all.


Granite Worktops

“Indulge In The Granite Grandeur”

They say only diamond is harder. Granite counts amongst the most durable materials on this planet. And if you can have it as your kitchen worktop, that’s sheer convenience.

p>It not only adds elegance to your cooking space, but also enhances its functionality. Because of its organic origin, granite comes in natural, unique patterns. It is heat resistant, scratch resistant.

Its high gloss texture makes it an easy-to-clean material – ideal as a kitchen worksurface. At Acqua Kitchens, we offer granite worktops that come in numerous different shades.


Quartz Worktops

“Enjoy The Exquisiteness Of Quartz”

Explore a range of quality quartz worksurfaces from trusted brands, only at Acqua Kitchens. Showing extreme extents of strength, here’s a natural stone that can sustain the heavy knock from utensils, those vigorous scratches from knives, and the heat of the pan.

Quartz is non-porous, resilient to stains, and discourages the growth of microbes. It allows easy clean-up of your kitchen worktop and is no less than regalia.

At Acqua Kitchens, we bring to you quartz worktops in a variety of shades and thicknesses that bespeak aesthetic superiority. Come, fall in love with our products.


Corian Surfaces

“Organic, Seamless, Lavish”

Fancy a worktop that’s solid and seamless? Choose Corian surfaces from Acqua Kitchens. This versatile material is a trendsetter, coming in various patterns and tones. It is the coveted design you want your kitchen to have.

Find the right balance of beauty and utility via our Corian worktops. Build especially to kindle your imagination, these surfaces flaunt seamless joints and excellent water resistance.

They make the worktops of choice, be it for any kitchen – modern or traditional. Why go anywhere else when you can have them all at Acqua Kitchens?

Rest Assured, We’ll Have Something Perfect For You